I was born in Abington, Pennsylvania in 1955 and lived most of my life in Bucks County, PA except for about a year in 1975 when I was in Mexican Hat, Utah. I started playing bass guitar at the age of 10 then started studying and playing cello in the high school orchestra. This gave me a great foundation and appreciation of acoustic instruments. Also during my high school years, I was in a ham radio club and took courses in electronics and wood shop.

The combination of these interests were the perfect ingredients to inspire me to start modifying my own instruments to both play and sound better.

As an adult I did a 4 year apprenticeship program and became a journeyman tool and die maker. This just added more of the needed ingredients it was going to take to build guitars.

A couple years after completing my tool and die apprenticeship, I was watching a PBS station and came across a show where Bob Benedetto explained how to build an archtop guitar. Being a bass player, I started designing a guitar which turned out to be a 5 string archtop bass. The sound was so wonderful and rich that I became hooked on making hand carved archtop guitars.

In 2008, like a lot of other people I found myself unemployed. After having no good luck finding a job, I decided the more positive thing to do would be to market these beautiful guitars and basses. Since then, I’ve taken my guitars to trade shows in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

I love designing and I’m ready and willing and able to sit down with people to custom design an instrument. These custom built instruments are surprisingly affordable I also do repairs, modifications, and upgrades.

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